I learned this about the "yeah but" crowd, too, and I think it applies almost all the time, not just when it comes to discussing anything in particular. "Yeah but" is an attitude that permeates all of life, unfortunately.

"Yeah, I have a great relationship, but it's long distance", becomes "Yeah, we live together again, but our house is so small", then "Yeah our house is big, but it's so hard to clean".

The "yeah but" circle largely overlaps with the "risk averse" aka the "what could go wrong" circle. (These are the people whose "yeah but"s go as far as "What if there's a fire? What if a lightning bolt strikes the lamp post and it falls and lands on my car?).

At their most extreme, they often lead lives orientated around fear, ignoring everything that could go right, lest one thing go wrong.

I grew up with a "yeah but" parent. We all need the "yeah but"s to ground us sometimes, but there's a point where it turns into chaining your boots to the ground -- then you'll never fly.

I love this article so much because often the "yeah but" crowd prides themself on favoring fact over fancy.

Well, you just showed them that we're not just careless dreamers, we have some facts up our sleeve, too!

Full-time freelance writer/copywriter. I write about how I got here, and how to live a good life with less pressure and more meaning.

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