Hi Rocco!

Another much appreciated article from you. I have been enjoying hearing your "F*** Retirment" style thoughts sprinkled through various pieces of your writing.

I'm 22 and I just started earning a solid income as a freelancer (exactly as you said, saw the writing on the wall and said no way am I selling my time to someone else!), and, having discovered Making of A Millionaire, I was pretty set on investing most of my earnings after I built an emergency fund and a travel fund (just a couple invoices to send out and I'm there!).

You have me rethinking, though. I like this idea of not focusing so much on the very distant future, a mentality which tends to be rooted in not liking your job so much, imagining you'll be fed up by 60.

Still, I'd like to hear your take on how *not* investing impacts retirement, sort of painting a side by side picture of your future if you start investing now, vs. your future if you don't. I'm all for living in the present, especially in my twenties, but even though I like my job for now (and eventually hope to make all my income from writing under my own instruction, rather than for someone else), I feel like I would quite like to stop at some point 😅 Or at least, to be retired from the *obligation* I feel to work in order to live the kind of life I'm after.

I know you're definitely not suggesting that if we like what we do we should all work until our 90s and never stop (at least, I don't think you are), but I'd love for you to fill in these few gaps! I look forwrd to hearing your thoughts :)

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