Hi Meeli! Thank you for reading :) Yes, confidence is definitely, like, 75% of the game! I never knew if I believed the advice “fake it till you make it” – until I tried it. Now I understand the power of it. Because often by faking it, you receive recognition and opportunities that you didn’t realise you were good enough for. Then, that helps boost you’re confidence, because you start to understand that people think you’re “worth” a lot more than you would expect. So then you tell yourself, “hey, I guess I’m better than I thought!” And it becomes a positive cycle. As for advice, I would recommend joining the group “Ladies Get Paid” that I mentioned in this article. You can ask other copywriters to share their websites with you, and learn from their work. And then keep an eye out in every day life. Whenever you see an advert that stands out to you, or a website that you think is awesome, screenshot it, then think about what makes it so powerful. You’ve got this!



Full-time freelance writer/copywriter. I write about how I got here, and how to live a good life with less pressure and more meaning.

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