Congratulations on all your determination and dedication to reaching your goal! I intermittent fast, too. It’s half a decision to preserve my weight/help me tone etc, and half just because my metabolism is so slow that if I don’t I get backed up and bloated almost immediately. Your window is so short, though, I’m not sure I could do it! I personally take an 8 hour window with a 16 hour fast, and I feel this also allows me to still engage in social, food-orientated activities. I’ll start eating around 13:00–14:00 usually, and try to stop around 21:09 or 22:00. I find I can hold out on breakfast as in the morning I usually workout and do yoga, then buckle down for a couple hours work. Having breakfast so late is totally manageable for me. And then my eating window overlaps with most socialising like lunch, tea/snacks, and dinner! I wanted to share this to show people that you can pick and choose what you implement and do it in a way that works for you :)



Full-time freelance writer/copywriter. I write about how I got here, and how to live a good life with less pressure and more meaning.

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