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Full-time freelance writer/copywriter. I write about how I got here, and how to live a good life with less pressure and more meaning.

Here’s where to look and how to land the big $$$

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This time last year, I was making just above minimum wage working at the front desk of the most exclusive and expensive gym in the world.

Now, I could walk through the doors as a member if I wanted to (but I refuse to fork out £300+ per month for marble walls and eucalyptus-infused refrigerated towels, as much as I appreciated them when they were free).

The craziest part? I landed my hefty income without submitting a single job application or writing one cover letter.

Ah, the magic of freelancing. A world where cash flows through DMs and Facebook groups…

I’m not necessarily proud of it, but at least I make a ton of money.

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Two years ago, I was 20 years old, staring down the barrel of graduation and the “real world.”

I was terrified that, sooner rather than later, I’d find myself with a sore ass on a cheap plastic chair, hunched in a sweaty cubicle doing a job I slightly hated, taking risk-averse decisions, trying to ignore the fact they were fulfillment-averse, too.

So I made a vow with myself.

I promised to do everything in my power never in my life to set foot in a 9–5 office.

I was committed to leap-frogging the “side-hustle” phase and going for the main…

I can’t fight her anymore.

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She is neither soft nor gentle.

She enters in the most abrupt of ways.

She is never invited,

And yet she always stays.

Long after plates are cleared

And the guests have made their way,

She flops down on my favourite couch

And the world, it slowly grays.

Usually, I scold her.

I beg her to please leave.

I plead with every breath I have,

I get down on my knees.

I drag her by the ankles

Though I know she won’t relent,

On this one, singular matter

I’m entirely hellbent.

I refuse for her to be here

lest she…

Dolly Parton was right, there’s a better life out there for you.

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The stability and security offered by “traditional” jobs might seem like a major financial upside, but have you ever considered that it’s actually draining your savings in more ways than one?

Working freelance and living as a digital nomad can actually save you several short- and long-term costs — and I’m not just talking financially. It could significantly improve your mental and physical wellbeing, which, aside from slashing your healthcare expenses, sets you up to get more out of life.

Go nomadic, preserve your health financially, physically, and mentally.

1. Save Hundreds on Rent

But… digital nomads still sleep, right? And therefore need a roof…

This!! I came to the same conclusion, it's what I wrote about in my recent article "Financially Thriving Freelancers Have This One Thing In Common". Spoiler: the one thing is arrogance. People tell you it's one in a million and you have to have the "arrogance" to say great, I'll be that one. At the end of the day, these few lines encapsulate exactly how I feel. I'd rather be a crazy dreamer than wonder what could have been if I bet on myself.

I learned this about the "yeah but" crowd, too, and I think it applies almost all the time, not just when it comes to discussing anything in particular. "Yeah but" is an attitude that permeates all of life, unfortunately.

"Yeah, I have a great relationship, but it's long distance", becomes "Yeah, we live together again, but our house is so small", then "Yeah our house is big, but it's so hard to clean".

The "yeah but" circle largely overlaps with the "risk averse" aka the "what could go wrong" circle. (These are the people whose "yeah but"s go as far…

I was surprised by how many people do not, in fact, know what working is! When I was struggling with wanting to be independent and support myself, but not wanting to work for a company whose values and actions I didn't believe in, I had so many people tell me "Well, just work for them out of spite -- you take their money when they pay you, and you can spend it on something good!". You have no idea how many people's minds were blown when I explained that no, I would not be taking their money, I would be *making* them money. That's the whole problem, if I work somewhere I am necessarily increasing their bottom line, or they wouldn't bother to hire me. A lot of people just exist within these societal structures without actually understanding their role. Wild!

I'm so happy to read this from you, Karen. I have pondered and been puzzled by the concept of being "in love" my entire adult life. The other day, I decided I would settle on a conclusion: there is no "in love", there is only really loving people, and context. In a certain context, we prefix the word with "in", but the action and the feeling remains the same. Perhaps, the differentiation alludes, as you suggested, to a phase of infatuation, or to a love in the context of a lifelong partnership. But at the end of the day, context…

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An ode to true freedom.

Hint: It’s about focusing on the feeling.

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For as long as you let them, people will try to tell you what your dreams are. They especially like to point out things that you have right now, that don’t seem to align with your vision for the future.

“You say you just want to live on an island near family and friends, but you go out to eat twice a week. You love everything London has to offer, you like to have a billion different activities to do at the weekend”.

Essentially: you think you want one thing, but how can that be true when what you have…

Alice Giuditta

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