Full-time freelance writer/copywriter. I write about how I got here, and how to live a good life with less pressure and more meaning.

I’m not necessarily proud of it, but at least I make a ton of money.

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Two years ago, I was 20 years old, staring down the barrel of graduation and the “real world.”

I was terrified that, sooner rather than later, I’d find myself with a sore ass on a cheap plastic chair, hunched in a sweaty cubicle doing a job I slightly hated, taking…

Dolly Parton was right, there’s a better life out there for you.

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The stability and security offered by “traditional” jobs might seem like a major financial upside, but have you ever considered that it’s actually draining your savings in more ways than one?

Working freelance and living as a digital nomad can actually save you several short- and long-term costs — and…

This!! I came to the same conclusion, it's what I wrote about in my recent article "Financially Thriving Freelancers Have This One Thing In Common". Spoiler: the one thing is arrogance. People tell you it's one in a million and you have to have the "arrogance" to say great, I'll be that one. At the end of the day, these few lines encapsulate exactly how I feel. I'd rather be a crazy dreamer than wonder what could have been if I bet on myself.

I learned this about the "yeah but" crowd, too, and I think it applies almost all the time, not just when it comes to discussing anything in particular. "Yeah but" is an attitude that permeates all of life, unfortunately.

"Yeah, I have a great relationship, but it's long distance", becomes…

I was surprised by how many people do not, in fact, know what working is! When I was struggling with wanting to be independent and support myself, but not wanting to work for a company whose values and actions I didn't believe in, I had so many people tell me "Well, just work for them out of spite -- you take their money when they pay you, and you can spend it on something good!". You have no idea how many people's minds were blown when I explained that no, I would not be taking their money, I would be *making* them money. That's the whole problem, if I work somewhere I am necessarily increasing their bottom line, or they wouldn't bother to hire me. A lot of people just exist within these societal structures without actually understanding their role. Wild!

Alice Giuditta

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